Concert Reviews

"The star of the evening was conductor William Buhidar. More than once the house was on its feet, applauding a program that was a shining delight. To watch him is like observing a wonderful marriage of music and man."

"His performance was one of fire, emotion, and excitement. William Buhidar conducted with grace and intensity. The performance was tight, precise, and powerful."
Margo Rogers, critic

"From the moment William Buhidar came on stage until the final work, emotion, and spirit soared through the auditorium. The selection of music was one which reached the depths of the spirit, leaving the audience awestruck and fulfilled. It was a concert, not only of music, but of passion."
Martina R. Flores, critic

"Through his experience, his perfect preparation and his discriminating ear, Mr. Buhidar has contributed a great deal to the outstanding success of this production. I look forward to working with this very talented conductor again."
Cornelius Eberhardt, Munich Symphony Orchestra
Production of "Der Rosenkavalier"

"The crowd was rewarded with a rich performance of some of the best music written. William Buhidar should be applauded for his choice of music."
Lima News

"Conductor Buhidar's interpretations of all the works were on target."
Charles Branning, critic

"It is successful. The audience was on its feet with applause for the performance."
Judith Boudreaux, critic